Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mayhem's Taking Over

Hey there readers!

We're making some changes, remodeling, so please pardon the mess while we clean the place up a bit.

This blog used to be called Reaper's Domain. Well, Reaper got called away to the land of Chaos for a convention and decided to leave the blog in Mayhem's hands. Because he's more a creature of the night, he's calling it Moonlight Mayhem.

Let's just say that Mayhem has a different idea for decorating. He's got a sledgehammer and he isn't afraid to use it. In fact, he took out the wall behind me. You can't see it from the vantage point you have, but believe me, it's down!

I have no idea what's in Mayhem's head, or what his plans are, I just thought I'd warn you that the blog will be undergoing changes.

What I do know, is that Mayhem likes sexy stories - very sexy stories, preferably with plot - and he wants to see those kinds of authors here, so I'm sure that might be part of his plan...