Monday, January 25, 2010

Dobie Houseguest....

Paranormal Maids or Evil Fairies?

I’ve bought this awesome book called, The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures, written by John and Caitlin Matthews. It is an A-Z collection of damn near every magical creature you can think of and then some I’ve never heard of. There are some peculiar magical creatures that are left out, like Satan/Lucifer, but maybe they don’t consider him magical.

Anyway, I have found a boat load of creatures I want to write about. Some I’m excited about and plan to use in upcoming books. *rubs hands together* Oh, the evil I can create with them. It’s got the muse juices flowing. ;-)

Anyhoo, the one I picked to talk about for my first Supernatural blog is Dobie/Dobby. For those of you familiar with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, I’m sure you’re familiar with this magical creature. Since I’ve never read a Harry Potter book *ducks flying tomatoes*, I wasn’t familiar with the character. But it does note that a Dobie is best known from this series as the not so bright friend of the young wizard.

To the British in Northern England, a Dobie is a house fairy. Who besides me wants one? *waves hand excitedly* Can I paweese have one? Pretty please, with a cherry on top! I always need help with house work and my family’s idea of helping is throwing socks on the stairs. Grrr… They never make them up the stairs unless I pick them up. What’s up with that? *rolls eyes*

Better yet, the Dobie likes helping us human beings. I’ll be honest, I like having help. You want to know what’s even better than that. A Dobie likes to help with laboring type tasks. Yippee! I got plenty of laboring type tasks that I need help with all the time! Dusting, sweeping, moping, vacuuming, washing clothes, cleaning toilets, yard work and cleaning out garages, that’ll get him started laboring. And since they like laboring, I’ll happily keep a Dobie happy. Cross my heart and all that stuff.

I am practically dancing at the thought of this. *looks about rabidly* I need one!!! Someone give me the 411 on where I can purchase a Dobie house fairy? I’m willing to pay top dollar *cough-within-reason-cough* and I’m guessing my local Wal-Mart isn’t selling them and if they are…they’ve got the price jacked so high I can’t see it. >:(

Apparently, Dobie’s aren’t known for their wisdom. Now, I’m thinking who cares about wisdom. It doesn’t take intelligence to sweep and mop floors. Or how about dusting? Yep, you guessed it, doesn’t require much intelligence from me to do that menial task.

Dobie’s often make ridiculous mistakes and are easily confused. Well, now the authors are just picking on them now. And, have they ever been to my house? My kids and I make ridiculous mistakes all the time. And…easily confused? *laughs uproariously* Visit my house and I’ll show you easily confused. Organized chaos aptly describes my household. When my boys (2 children + 1 husband) are all talking ninety to nothing (all at one time—seriously, it happens!), 2 + 2 = 4 becomes a difficult equation. They have me wanting to scream, “Stop the madness!” Or if I hear “Momma” or “Babe” one more time, I might garrote them all! LOL Kidding! No one is in serious danger of bodily harm, but I have had to talk myself down from going somewhat psycho.

Apparently West Yorkshire residents don’t like house fairies because to them a Dobie is an evil fairy that leaps onto the backs of unsuspicious commuters on horseback (I wonder if this has been upgraded to vehicles) and chokes them. *laughs weakly and looks about shiftily*

Psst…for the record, I don’t want a West Yorkshire Dobie. *shudders* They’re a little too violent for my cup of tea.

But, this lead me to wondering what does a Dobie look like? The book had nothing in it to suggest what a Dobie looks like and the West Yorkshire Dobie is an "evil fairy", which makes me think of Tinker Bell and other winged type of fairies. So, I have no clue and cannot even come up with an imaginative appearance. If you have any ideas or want to share your imagination, please leave comment.

Hope you enjoyed learning about Dobie/Dobby's. Make me proud and be naughty at least once before I post another paranormal creature. ;-)

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